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Love & Passion Eminent at 27th Annual Reach for Excellence Awards

The Midtown Educational Foundation’s (MEF) 27th Annual Reach for Excellence Dinner provided an electric energy as roughly 450 new and old friends converged at the Four Seasons on a brisk October night. The familial atmosphere was evident to each guest, mirroring the feeling one feels when walking into one of MEF’s centers. As Executive Director, Glenn Wilke, said, “what we teach at the centers, we practice at our events.”

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Midtown Educational Foundation Receives Motorola Solutions Foundation Grant

Chicago, IL – August 27th – Midtown Educational Foundation (MEF), a foundation that guides low-income urban youth in Chicago along pathways of success through proven enrichment programs that embrace the dignity of the person by focusing on academic excellence, virtue development, individual attention, and parental engagement. MEF would like to announced it has received a grant for $15,000 USD from Motorola Solutions Foundation, the charitable arm of Motorola Solutions, Inc.

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Discover Lawyers Return to Midtown, Inspiring Law Apprentices for the Fourth Consecutive Year

A contingent from Discover Financial’s law team recently made their annual trip to Midtown Center for boys to conduct a mock trial with the high school Law Apprenticeship program. Students in the apprenticeship spend their summer learning about the law through hands on projects, as well as immersive field trips and interactive career talks from center visitors.

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Kathrine Switzer & Giovanna Medina Share their Fearlessness at 2018 MAC Luncheon

Kathrine Switzer, Marathon Woman, came to Chicago on March 2nd to speak at
MEF’s 21st Annual MAC Luncheon where over 295 MEF advocates and supporters
gathered to raise over $101,000 in support of MEF’s student programming. Alum Giovanna shared, "Metro inspires girls who don’t see themselves represented anywhere else, girls who often don’t think they are worthy of succeeding. Metro teaches us we can do anything we put our mind to. This is why the city of Chicago needs a place like Metro. This is why I needed Metro."

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