New Series: MEF Tutor Spotlight

We’re kicking off a new series of posts spotlighting our wonderful tutors and the ways they go above and beyond for our students! First up for the month of March: Gianna Abruzzo at Metro & Marty Riva at Midtown

Midtown Tutor Spotlight: Marty Riva

Marty Riva

When Marty had to switch to tutoring on Thursday evenings, his student pleaded with his parents to switch to Thursdays as well so that he could continue being tutored by Marty! That is the ultimate compliment for a tutor. Marty has even given the family a ride home after program so they wouldn't take the CTA home and have to deal with the cold.

Metro Tutor Spotlight: Gianna Abruzzo

Gianna Abruzzo

The other night after program, a parent's car died and she had no way of leaving. Overhearing staff ask other parents for help, Gianna volunteered to jump it! She took the initiative to go search for the parent outside and then went back to the parking lot to bring her car around to jump it. She was incredibly thoughtful and the parent was able to get home safe!