Policy Guidelines

Attendance Policy
In order to ensure that your son/daughter receives the full benefit of the program, it is necessary for his/her attendance to be consistent. In order to excuse your son/daughter from an absence we will need you to call the front desk or leave a message before program begins at 312-226-4886 ext. 0 or 222 (for Metro) or 773-292-2660 ext. 0 (for Midtown). Please call at least an hour before the start of program and leave your name, your son/daughter's name, his/her program, and reason for his/her absence.

Metro for girls
Students may miss no more than three (3) days of the program. If your daughter misses more than three days of the program without good cause, the Metro staff reserves the right to remove her from the program, and Metro will be under no obligation to provide a refund for tuition. 

Midtown for boys
• Students are only allowed to go to those parts of the program area included in their schedules.
• Students who arrive before the designated time must wait in the Playground area.
• Students who are not picked up immediately after the program are to remain in the Lobby area until a parent or relative comes to bring them home.
• Students who arrive late must request a late pass at the office before proceeding to class.
• Attendance is mandatory and routine. Regular absences are strongly discouraged and may lead to dismissal from the program.

2. Discipline
Midtown-Metro students are expected to conduct themselves appropriately at all times, following the instructions laid out by their teachers, advisors, volunteers, and program directors. The following actions are deemed by Midtown-Metro to be seriously inappropriate and will place the students in danger of immediate expulsion.
• No candy or gum; No eating or drinking is allowed during program outside of the lunchroom.
• Profanity, verbal or written, including the viewing of offensive material in magazines, books, or the Internet, as well as the singing of inappropriate songs.
• Gang activity or representation, including "tagging".
• Destruction of property, either Midtown-Metro's or other's. 
• Students must respect our neighbors and our neighborhood by not littering, by staying off private property, and by not making excessive noise.
• Lack of respect for Midtown-Metro's or other's possessions (e.g. stealing).
• Chronic and/or extreme defiance of Midtown-Metro policies and/or Midtown-Metro staff, teacher, and volunteer authority. Callous disrespect is grounds for dismissal from the program.
• Illegal substances, including alcohol, tobacco products, and illicit drugs.
• Violence, actual or threatened, or possession of a weapon of any kind. (Fighting is absolutely and completely intolerable and will not be allowed under any circumstances. This behavior could lead to expulsion from the program.)
• Inappropriate classroom behavior.
• Sports Instructors (at Midtown) will remove from the playing field any student who:
(a) loses his temper, (b) uses foul language, (c) demonstrates an unwillingness to play as a member of the team, (d) uses unsportsmanlike tactics.

3. Electronics/Cell Phones
While your son/daughter is at Midtown-Metro and on field trips, we ask that all cell phones and electronic devices (i.e. cell phones CD players, audio tapes, MP3 players, iPods, Walkmans, electronic games, DVDs, videotapes, comic books, trading or game cards, etc.) be turned off and put away. This is to ensure that your son/daughter, as well as the other students, is able to interact and learn in the classroom. If cell phones or electronic devices become a distraction, Midtown-Metro staff may confiscate them for the remainder of the day. Students may always use a Midtown-Metro phone to call a parent with permission of a staff member. If you need to contact your son/daughter while he/she is at Metro, please call the front desk. 

4. Computer Policy
Midtown-Metro's computer lab is an educational tool, and its computers may not be used for checking email, instant messaging, downloading files or software, or recreational use. Students found using Midtown-Metro's computers to do these things will have their computer privileges revoked. 

5. Dress Code Policy
To maintain and promote a professional learning environment, Midtown-Metro has established the following dress code. Dressing well improves both study habits and behavior. We expect our students to dress appropriately and modestly. 

Midtown-Metro administration will use discretion to make decisions regarding the appropriateness of each student's dress and possible consequences for violation of this policy. Students will be required to change into appropriate clothing. Repeated violations of the dress code rules will result in disciplinary actions. We ask that you, as parents, agree to comply with our dress code expectations and assist your son/daughter in choosing his/her clothing wisely. 

Students are required to wear appropriate sports clothes according to the following guidelines:
• Shirts: T-shirt or athletic shirt that allows comfort in playing sports. Students must wear a shirt at all times, including on the sports field. Shirts (or any clothing) with vulgar, suggestive, or inappropriate language or images should never be worn. Students should always wear a regular shirt to cover an undershirt, if worn.
• Shorts: Athletic shorts that allow for comfort in playing sports (no jean or Khaki-style shorts). Athletic pants may be worn if the day is cool. Students should always wear shorts or pants at the waist level.
• Shoes: Gym shoes appropriate for running and that provide enough support to prevent injury. Shoelaces must always be tied and be the same color.
• Socks: Athletic socks that are the same color and length.
• Hats, Caps, and Headbands: May not be worn inside the building. They may be worn outside, but only straight forward or straight back. "Doo-rags" are not allowed.

**Violation of the dress code may result in loss of sports privileges.
Students should never bring valuables, such as excessive money, watches or other jewelry to Midtown. Rings and earrings are not to be worn. Students should also not bring basketballs or other sports equipment to Midtown. Midtown is not responsible for any loss or damage to student property.

6. Inappropriate Behavior
Midtown-Metro must maintain an educational environment that is free from all forms of harassment and inappropriate behavior and insists that each employee and student is treated with dignity, respect, and courtesy. Any form of sexual harassment or any communication or physical expression of a sexual nature is in violation of Midtown-Metro policy. 

7. Field Trips
My son/daughter has permission to attend field trips with Midtown-Metro. During these field trips, students are required to follow the instructions of Midtown-Metro Staff. 

8. Photos/Video Release
Pictures or videos may be taken of your son or daughter while he/she is participating in program activities.

For good and valuable consideration that is acknowledged, I hereby consent to the photographing of (including digital recording), the video and/or film recording of and the recording of my son/daughter, and the use of these photographs, digital images, video recordings and/or voice recordings singularly or in conjunction with other photographs, digital images, video recordings and/or voice recordings for advertising, publicity, commercial or other business purposes.

I further consent to the reproduction and/or authorization by Midtown Educational Foundation to the reproduction of and use of said photographs, video recordings and voice recordings, for use in all foreign and domestic markets via any means, including but not limited to print or electronic media, internet, cd rom, intranet and extranet systems.

I hereby release Midtown Educational Foundation, its funders and any of its associated or affiliated companies, their directors, principals, officers, agents, employees and customers, and appointed advertising agencies, their directors, officers, agents and employees from all claims of every kind on account of such use.

9. Volunteer or Staff/Student Relationship
While your son/daughter is at our facility, he/she will work with volunteers/staff members to whom he/she is assigned. Any interaction between students and volunteers/staff members outside of Midtown-Metro or sponsored activities is up to parental discretion. Midtown-Metro does not require and is not responsible for any such off-site interaction, though parents may decide to give their son/daughter permission to spend time with their volunteer/staff member outside of Midtown-Metro.

10. Fee Policy
After payment of the program fees, a NON-REFUNDABLE amount of $25 will be held for processing fees. If you have any questions regarding this policy please ask a staff member for further information.