April Tutor Spotlight

This month, MEF will continue the Midtown & Metro Tutor Spotlight that we began in March. MEF is so lucky to have so many incredible tutors! In April, MEF would like to thank Dorothy Balabanos & Vince Alvarez for their efforts!


May Metro Spotlight.JPG

When Dorothy began tutoring at Metro two years ago, reading was something her student struggled with at school. At the beginning of this year, Dorothy challenged her by setting a reading goal of 30 minutes per day and checked in each week at tutoring. This spring, her student received an A in reading and realized that it was because she had put in the effort to read more outside of school. In addition to tutoring, Dorothy gives in other ways to Metro families by serving as a resource for the Parent Program. Earlier this spring, she presented a tough but important topic at Metro’s Parent Night Seminars, “Can We Talk? Communication in the Digital Age.” Read more here.


Midtown April Spotlight - Vince Alvarez.jpeg

Vince tutors at Midtown on Thursday evenings and has been quick to fill in for others by tutoring additional students whenever needed! His student’s mother has had nothing but compliments for Vince. He always makes sure to call his student every week and goes above & beyond to get him interested in school work. The student’s mother has even been recommending the program to various families because of Vince and her positive experience over the last few years.