Nearly 150 Metro girls and Midtown boys experience what it’s like to work in six different professions each summer in the MEF Apprenticeship Program, thanks to the generosity of MEF donors.

Urban youth in Chicago entering their sophomore, junior and senior years in high school learn not only about careers in architecture, entreprenuership, engineering, hospitality, law and visual media, they earn a stipend of up to $400. Each apprenticeship offers hands-on project work for four days of the week and field trips corresponding to the career area on the fifth. Throughout the summer, students also benefit from career speakers and Character Education lessons that convey the soft skills needed to succeed in the workplace. At summer’s end students present a final project to classmates and instructors. Students interested in applying should visit the Metro for girls or Midtown for boys home pages.

Read more about MEF Apprenticeship activities and projects in the featured articles below:

The boys learn marketable skills from professionals in specialized fields. Along the way, they develop the critical thinking and decision-making skills needed to excel in the workplace.
— Mike Walsh, Midtown High School Program Manager
The girls in the entreprenuer apprenticeship will start and run actual businesses. After a few introductory classes on entrepreneurship, innovation and product development, they will prepare and present a business plan, market and sell a product of their own design, and track costs and profits.
— Christina Villa, Metro Teacher

Midtown Educational Foundation Mission

Midtown Educational Foundation guides low-income urban youth in Chicago along pathways of success. Our proven enrichment programs embrace the dignity of the person by focusing on academic excellence, virtue development, individual attention and parental engagement.