Metro 9-12th grade girls

College Orientation Program (COP)

The College Orientation Program is designed to guide and motivate high school students in their work to achieve success in college and beyond. The program helps students navigate the college matching and acceptance process through a combination of skill-building, academic enrichment, career and professional exploration, college-readiness activities, individual advising, individual tutoring, summer apprenticeships, service projects and more.

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Emily Warpinski | College Orientation Program (COP)
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School Year

Students attend program once a week for supplementary classes, small group tutoring, test preparation, college seminars, character education, individual mentoring and goal-setting. 

Small Group Tutoring: With the help of volunteer tutors, who are working professionals or college students, high school participants come to understand the importance of academic performance through homework help and goal setting.  

Fun Classes: Freshman (9th) and Sophomore (10th) students choose an elective such as public speaking, art, or creative writing. 

Service: The driving spirit of the high school program is to develop a spirit of service to one’s family, friends, and community. Staff and volunteers seek to nurture this life-attitude with in the classroom atmosphere and through monthly service opportunities.

Test Preparation: Through the ACT Prep Class, Metro prepares Juniors (11th) with the knowledge and confidence to perform well on this important college requirement.  

College Seminar: The College Seminar Class educates Seniors (12th) on the application process, school and scholarship search, and everything else they will need to know about successfully entering college. College visits are also scheduled throughout the school year.  

Summer Program

Metro High School Summer Freshman Program (for entering 9th graders)

This 5-week, premier bridge program, for rising 9th grade students is designed to prepare middle school students for the challenges of high school. Students participate in hands-on high school level academic classes including English, history and algebra. Students also participate in character education classes that instill students with tools to navigate the social and ethical challenges of high school. 

Every week students attend field trips around the city of Chicago. Every day students participate in enrichment clubs that give them the opportunity to discover their individual talents and passions, including art and drama.  All students participate in a home economics class that teaches the students culinary art, home health, fashion, and hospitality.

The program also incorporates a seminar designed to help them with the transition to high school and career discovery. 

Weekly one-on-one advising with college-aged mentors helps students aim to achieve their personal and academic goals in high school. 

Service Week (for all high school students)

Students spend one week having fun, growing, and learning the value of community service in the Chicago area. Students experience a variety of volunteer opportunities from food pantries, to Chicago parks or nursing homes.  

Roughly 20 hours of service-learning credit is offered to students. 

Apprenticeships (For Rising 10th-12th Grades)

Apprenticeships are hands-on programs in which students learn marketable skills from professionals in specialized fields. Apprentices develop critical thinking and decision-making skills needed to excel in the workplace. They demonstrate their acquired skills by producing final projects.

Apprenticeships are open to incoming high school sophomores, juniors, and seniors and are offered in Entrepreneurship, Engineering and Hospitality Management.

An additional application and interview will be required.

Please call program staff to inquire about the Apprenticeship application: 312.226.4886 ext. 229

Entreprenuer Apprenticeship

The overall goal of the program, sponsored by Potbelly, is for students to learn and practice the fundamental principles of business ownership (entrepreneurship). With detailed instruction and real life, hands-on, student directed application, students will be given all the necessary tools to develop and manage their own business ideas.

The students will start and run actual businesses, selling a product of their design to other Metro participants. They will learn fundamental concepts of entrepreneurship, such as preparing and presenting a business plan, marketing, tracking costs and profits, innovation and product development, competitive advantage, and other concerns critical to managing a successful business. Relevant field trips and career speakers will round out the apprenticeship.

Cost is free and students each receive a $400 stipend (plus their share of the business's profits) as long as they maintain standards of good work, behavior, and attendance. 

Engineering Apprenticeship

Watch a video from the 2015 Engineering Apprenticeship sponsored by Tellabs

The Engineering Apprenticeship will provide 15 high school students with a general introduction to engineering principles, processes, and practices. The course focuses on gaining the knowledge and skills necessary to complete hands-on projects that explore various concentrations within the Engineering field. For example, having learned the relevant principles and processes, students working in small teams might be challenged to design and build small bridges, catapults, to solve an electrical problem, or to develop a software code over successive weeks.

Guest speakers, films, and field trips relevant to the current unit will supplement classroom instruction and project work.

Cost is free and students each receive a $400 stipend as long as they maintain standards of good work, behavior, and attendance. 

Hospitality apprenticeship

The Hospitality Management Apprenticeship, sponsored by Tyson, explores the basics of working in the hospitality industry and focuses on skills that are applicable in the home no matter what career you choose. 

The over arching themes of study include the basics of business, culinary arts, and event planning. Each week the instructor will lead the students through themed lessons exploring financing, etiquette, culinary art (cooking and baking), cleaning, the aesthetic of décor and presentation, health and nutrition, and much more.  Relevant field trips and speakers will round out the apprenticeship. 

Cost is free and students each receive a $400 stipend as long as they maintain standards of good work, behavior, and attendance. 

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