Inspiring Success 

Since the Midtown Center for boys and the Metro Achievement Center for girls opened their doors in 1965 and 1985, respectively, nearly 22,000 students have experienced the “Midtown Way” and benefited in innumerable ways from more than 14.5 million hours of academic tutoring and virtue development.

What does success look like? For each and every one, it depends.

I can really tell my student takes her weekly goal seriously. I can see improvement each week.
— One-on-One tutor

If you are a 4th through 6th grade student, perhaps you learned better study habits. Your grades in Math and English might have improved. You set weekly goals for yourself during one-on-one mentoring sessions with one of MEF's 311 weekly volunteer tutors. Maybe you were nicer to your siblings, made your bed in the morning, didn’t talk back to your parents. That’s progress.

In 7th or 8th you might have applied yourself more rigorously to your studies. You aimed higher and developed friendships with students who shared your values. You applied for admission in a college prep high school and got in. 92% of Metro and Midtown students gain acceptance to college-prep level high schools. Along the way, you’re growing in confidence and building self-esteem.

I feel like everyone gets along and no matter what race, religion, personal beliefs, intellect, age, we’re all brothers and we all have respect for one another.
— Midtown 8th grader

Once you’re in high school, you eventually set your sights on graduating, then going on to college. 100% of MEF students have achieved high school graduation and college enrollment for the past 17 consecutive years. It wasn’t easy.  Rigorous academics, enriching character classes, ACT prep courses, and help with college and scholarship applications paved the way.  So did a series of paid summer apprenticeships, college field trips, and community service projects. Your dedication and work ethic paid off.

I fell in love with Architecture in the Architecture Apprenticeship. I have been accepted at UIC and plan to study Architecture.
— Midtown high school student

You’re in college now, perhaps away from family and friends. Social readiness classes at Metro and Midtown helped you adjust to the transition. But Metro and Midtown are never out of sight, out of mind. An alumni network helps keep you connected, and staff is always available to hear you out as you navigate your new life. 91% of 900 recent MEF alumni reported in a recent survey that they have graduated or are still enrolled in college.

Now you’re on to the next stage of your life – work, family, service projects. Again, Metro and Midtown are never far away. 10% of MEF alumni return to give back, tutor, guest lecture, inspire the next generation of students. They are role models, responsible parents, competent professionals.

How else can you measure success? 

Metro makes me feel like I can accomplish anything.
— Ana, Metro 8th Grader
Metro Alumna Genesis, with Karla, a 6th grader.

Metro Alumna Genesis, with Karla, a 6th grader.