Metro Engineering Blog Emphasizes Character

The Engineering Apprenticeship assistant instructor, Shae Heffernan, has launched an innovative blog project for the Engineering Apprenticeship. She has documented student's weekly projects, fused with the tie-in of virtues learned in the classroom. Her first-hand account weaves academics and virtues seamlessly and truly captures the spirit of Metro.

The Engineering Apprenticeship is held during the seven-week MEF Summer Program which runs from 9:30 to 3:30 each weekday. Apprenticeships are competitive enrollment classes and to mirror the real world workforce experience, students apply and interview for these selective positions. Each apprenticeship can accommodate 15-20 high school students with an Engineering Apprenticeship at both the Midtown Center for Boys and Metro Achievement Center for Girls (30-40 students total each summer).

As the Apprentices continued to discuss the development of lasting structures, in Character Education the students began a discussion on the meaning of friendship. True friendship is not only desiring good for another, but is also a growing together in good habits. The Engineering Apprentices’ drew many connections between building friendships and building bridges.
— Week 2: The Bridges to Friendship

The Engineering Apprenticeship is taught by a professional in the field, as well as an assistant instructor (generally an engineering student and/or an alumnus of the program). Students are paid a stipend for their work during the summer. Each apprenticeship offers hands-on project work for four days of each week and field trips corresponding to the career area on the fifth. At summer’s end students present a final project to classmates and instructors. 

Enjoy reading!