Midtown for Boys featured in Esquire's Mentoring Project

Esquire's The Mentoring Project features Midtown for boys in their database of mentoring organizations. The database helps men who aspire to help American boys grow up to be good men find a reputable place to start their mentoring process. A note about the Esquire vetting process: We looked at hundreds of organizations and we focused on three criteria to arrive at the ones listed throughout this database-reasonable adherence to the Elements of Effective Practice for Mentoring guide, developed by MENTOR, the national mentoring organization; expert referrals; and potential interest to men. 

Below is an excerpt from a note about The Mentoring Project from Esquire's Editor in Chief. Read the whole story here.

by David Granger, Editor in Chief, Esquire 

There has been, in recent months, a lot of talk about a crisis in American masculinity. It's become something of a knee-jerk reaction to everything from allegations of rape on college campuses to killing sprees, as if such anomalies were evidence that manhood is metastasizing into little more than a collection of bad impulses. Since we are a magazine mostly about the concerns of men, I think it's important that we put forward a vision of what it means to be a good man at this time in this country. And we think it's time for more men to help the next generation of boys grow up successfully. To mentor them. That's what this issue is designed to do: inspire Esquire men to make a difference...

..Beginning with this issue, we hope to help create 100,000 new mentors over the next five years. To become one of them, come to mentoring.esquire.com Tuesday to find our database, which is organized by both location and area of interest-so that if you're, say, into hiking and biking in Colorado, you can indulge your adventurous inclinations while you help a boy become a good man...Senior Editor Richard Dorment, who spearheaded this issue, and I will let you know whom we will be mentoring this fall. Now we just need 99,998 more.