Metro Celebrates Halloween

While many of MEF's benefactors and fans were at the Four Seasons on Monday for the Reach for Excellence Dinner, the program staff and team of 60 volunteer tutors were at Metro in the West Loop working on multiplication & enjoying fall treats. "I learned three new things: my sevens, my eights and my nines. Then we had caramel apple sundaes!" exclaimed One-on-One student Grace Gneich.

Metro celebrates Halloween with style. Pumpkins, witches, and black cats decorate the classrooms, and staff is in a celebratory mood. The girls came to Metro with homework to finish, but left with much more. "I finished my math. It takes like 85 days...I'm exaggerating, but I really did finish it," said Emilia Noriega a Metro 6th grader. "And, then we had caramel apple sundaes!" 

Hot, melted caramel drizzled over freshly sliced granny smith apples made for the perfect after-program snack. The girls covered their apples with crushed oreos, peanuts, and Halloween sprinkles before heading home. 

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