Midtown College Orientation Program takes college road trip

This spring, eight students in the Midtown College Orientation Program and two Midtown staff members took a 6-day excursion road trip to visit colleges and cultural sites. During the trip, students and staff visited the University of Wisconsin-Madison, the University of Iowa and the University of Minnesota.


At the first destination, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Midtown Alum Armando Sanchez guided students throughout the campus and took time to answer questions about the transition from high school to college. One Midtown COP freshman explained the experience, “Having the opportunity to talk to a Midtown Alumni at the University of Wisconsin – Madison was a great experience of the trip. He gave us first-hand advice about the culture shock and the transitional period of his college experience. It was great to see a fellow Midtown student flourish at his college.”


The University of Iowa was the next stop on the trip. After touring the campus, students and staff had time for activities in Iowa City and had fun going ice skating and bowling.

After leaving Iowa City, students and staff headed to The University of Minnesota. They visited an Agriculture expo, hosted at the University, educating visitors on the vital role agriculture plays in society. The expo had livestock present including cows, pigs, sheep, and llamas. After visiting the expo, students and staff visited the Mall of America to close out the trip.


“The trip helped me realize that I can make it in college. I saw many students that looked like me at some of the best universities,” a Midtown COP senior remarked.

The College Orientation Program helps students prepare for college entrance exams and explore college options. Students also engage in enrichment activities, including cultural field trips, career seminars and summertime apprenticeships in architecture, business, computer science, engineering, hospitality, and visual media.

By: Katherine Kelliher, Advancement Grants Manager