OptumRx Inspires MEF’s Enthusiastic Engineers

To kick off National Engineers Week, February 20-24, more than 30 high school students from the COP program had an immersive learning experience at OptumRx. Students thoroughly enjoyed meeting CEO Mark Thierer and his executive team at their offices in downtown Chicago overlooking the Riverwalk. Two groups of students took tours of the state-of-the art Experience Center, where they participated in interactive touch screen presentations about the future of health care.

Students also participated in an engaging Empathy Training with the company’s leaders over lunch. This training involved simulating various health complications, such as hearing loss using ear plugs, and having the students attempt to take down dictated words. The task proved more difficult than expected and shed light into the compassion it takes to work in health care services.

The high schoolers also took advantage of the opportunity to interact with top executives, asking them questions about their personal and professional growth over the course of their careers. This yielded incredible discussions between the curious kids and experienced professionals about the health care system, business practices, and the importance of strong character through it all. Mark’s team stressed working hard, maintaining relationships, remaining intellectually curious, helping people, and changing the world.