Metro Dress Code


Dress Code

To maintain and promote a professional learning environment in which we wish to cultivate respect and leadership skills for the future, Metro has established the following dress code. Dressing well improves both study habits and behavior.

Metro administration will make decisions regarding the appropriateness of each student's dress and possible consequences for violation of this policy. Students may be required to change into appropriate clothing. Violations of the dress code rules will result in disciplinary actions. We ask that parents agree to comply with our dress code expectations and assist your daughters in choosing her clothing intentionally.

Dress Code Standards:

  1. Shoulders must be fully covered

    1. This means no tank tops or sleeveless shirts without additional covering (ie solid cardigan or jacket over, or a solid t-shirt under)

  2. No low-cut shirts

  3. Stomach and back must be completely covered at all times

    1. This means when you fully raise both arms while standing no skin around your midriff should be showing and no backless shirts are allowed.

  4. No holes or cut-outs in clothing without additional covering

    1. This means wearing a solid shirt under or a jacket or cardigan over the cut-outs.

  5. No undergarments should be seen

    1. Sheer shirts can be worn if a solid shirt is worn underneath (See #2 & 3).

  6. No offensive or suggestive language written on clothing

  7. No form-fitting skirts or dresses

  8. No short skirts or dresses

    1. All skirts and dresses must be no shorter than two (2) inches above the knee from the front, back, and side. This applies regardless if leggings or tights are layered underneath or sheer layer on top.

  9. No short shorts

    1. Shorts can be no shorter than the width of student’s palm above her knee

  10. No leggings, yoga pants/capris, or form fitting athletic attire

  11. No two-piece swimsuits

    1. Only one-piece swimsuits will be allowed on our water park field trips.

    2. One-piece swimsuits must be solid fabric and cannot have cutouts.

    3. Any student not wearing an appropriate one-piece swimsuit will not be allowed to participate in this field trip.

  12. No hats (except on outdoor field trips), costume headbands (except dress up days), or bandanas (except when worn as headband with thickness less than 2 inches)



First Offense - The student will be addressed and may be asked to change before returning to scheduled activities. The parent/guardian will be called.

Second Offense - The student will be addressed. The parent/guardian will be called and the student will be asked to change before she is able to return to scheduled activities.

Third Offense - The student will be addressed. The parent/guardian will be called and someone will have to bring her a change of clothes before the student can return to her scheduled activities.

Fourth Offense - The student will be suspended for the next three days of the program.