Mother Daughter Day unlocks Three Secrets of Building Happiness in Your Daughter

"I wanted my daughter to have somewhere to go that was her own, where she would have older sisters who love and care for her. She's found that at Metro." -Metro Parent
On February 9th, over 160 mothers and daughters gathered at Metro Achievement Center to celebrate the 13th Annual Mother-Daughter Day. 

"Metro does something many organizations do not do. They really focus on parental involvement and the girls have someone to really depend on every week. The mentor and the tutor...It is a great concept overall. The mixture of strengthening academic skills with life skills will prove to be invaluable." - Metro Volunteer 

Mother-Daughter Day at Metro Achievement Center

 Mother-Daughter Day encapsulates the formative lessons and values that we try to impart to the girls all year. To begin with, it provides a simple, quality afternoon for the families to spend time together.

After a reflection on the beauty of the love between a mother and daughter by the center chaplain, the mothers and daughters break out into separate sessions so that guest speakers can focus their message for each group. The mothers heard from MEF Board Member and Metro parent, Lupe Garcia, about "The Three Secrets for Building Happiness Within Your Daughter." Metro moms can all agree that they want their daughters to be happy, but they have many ideas of how to reach that goal.  Lupe's talk focused on a holistic view of each girl, rooted in building character, honest work, virtues and family. A message we can all strive to learn from!
While the moms gain valuable wisdom in parenting, the girls participated in an activity with Metro volunteers centered on "How to Appreciate Your Mother." Volunteers led the girls in a discussion and a craft that the girls presented to their moms at the luncheon. The daughters served their mothers a healthy, elegant lunch that they all enjoy together, fostering a spirit of service and thanksgiving.

Over lunch they shared what they have learned and reflected on throughout the day, and you hear many of them making plans, resolutions and affirming each other. Many a Metro mom has commented that their communication and relationship is stronger after a special afternoon together at Mother-Daughter Day.
At Metro, parents are the primary educators of their children. We are humbled and touched to provide such a loving and warm afternoon for so many Metro families and thrilled to continue helping Chicago's young women and their parents experience transformational success.
"Metro has really helped my daughter stay busy and receive extra help she needed outside of school; sometimes for us who didn't finish school it's hard trying to get our daughter the help she needs." - Parent