Midtown Parenting Program Manager Named 2013 Hispanic Hero by Chicago Fire

On September 1st, our very own Arturo Baranda, the Parenting Program Manager for Midtown Center for boys, received the 2013 Hispanic Hero Award.

Arturo has dedicated his life to helping others, starting from the early age of 16 when he raised three younger siblings of his own. Over the last 14 years, he has served in his current role at Midtown Educational Foundation, inspiring hundreds of parents to be strong leaders for their family.

"The Chicago Fire Soccer Club recognizes and celebrates the pride and passion for the world's most popular sport. Soccer is embedded in much of Hispanic heritage and throughout the United States in the Hispanic communities.

The Chicago Fire is proud to present "Hispanic Heritage Day," whose respect and interest in our communities is demonstrated by supporting this special event. As a special part of this day, the Fire will be honoring distinguished members of the Hispanic community."