MEF Executive Director Glenn Wilke featured on tastytrade

On July 16, tastytrade, an online financial network, featured a 15-minute live interview with Executive Director Glenn Wilke exploring the reasons behind MEF's success as a leading youth development organization in Chicago.

Noting that 100% of high school seniors participating in MEF programs have graduated and enrolled in college for 15 consecutive years, Tom Sosnoff, who founded the tastytrade network in 2011, commented that "there has to be some secret ingredient; something must make it really special."

Anyone who knows MEF knows its "secret sauce": caring about the dignity of each person who comes through its doors and steadfastly following a holistic approach to youth development combining academics with virtues and individual attention with parental involvement. A.V.I.P., as Glenn recounted.

"This is a feel good story," Sosnoff continued. "You are on an amazing mission....every kid makes a difference."

For the full video click here.