MEF Executive Director Glenn Wilke Appointed to IL Mentoring Partnership

CHICAGO, October 2012 - The National Mentoring Partnership, together with the Illinois Mentoring Partnership Steering Committee, recently announced the launch of the Illinois Mentoring Partnership. Midtown Educational Foundation's very own Executive Director Glenn Wilke serves as a newly appointed member of its Program Leadership Council.

By gathering respected leaders in the corporate, foundation, civic, education and nonprofit sectors, the Steering Committee serves as the strategic visioning body and planning team to help secure funding. Meanwhile, the Program Leadership Council is comprised of key leaders from mentoring organizations all over Illinois. 

"The Illinois Mentoring Partnership's Program Leadership Council will play an integral role in the success of the Illinois Mentoring Partnership and in working with Merry and the Steering Committee to identify key quality mentoring programs throughout the state and provide much needed counsel on what has worked and what has not worked in youth mentoring throughout the state," reports David Shapiro, CEO of MENTOR.  

The new initiative is designed to serve 500,00 additional youth throughout the state of Illinois who need access to resources and mentorship. The recent announcement by Shapiro describes how the organization was founded and reveals the appointment of its Executive Director, Sheila Merry.

Congratulations, Glenn! MEF is honored to be a part of this exciting new initiative. 

What is the IL Mentoring Partnership? "The Illinois Mentoring Partnership's mission is to serve as the unifying champion for quality youth mentoring in Illinois, providing resources, technical assistance, heightened public awareness and advocacy for the state's mentoring movement." To learn more, visit

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