Chicago Now: New Improvements to the Metro Achievement Center for girls in 4th-12th grade

By Lauren Kaminsky
Outside the Girl Box

Published in the Chicago Now on November 2, 2010.

CHICAGO, IL  - A huge "WOO HOO!" to Unilever and Walgreens, who helped provied a new activity and life skills learning area at the Midtown Education Foundation's Metro Achievement Center, serving inner-city girls in Chicago from grades 4 through 12 last week.

The new Activity and Life Skills learning area is in a space that was unfinished and not being used. Some of the awesome new things in the center are: inspirational pictures of women; a kitchen skills learning area; a flat panel large screen TV monitor with PA sound system; and life skills and exercise equipment. The space will host life skill lessons, like cooking and personal hygiene, exercise and dance classes.

Check out the photo gallery [through the link below] for some pictures of the awesome new space! It will be used to support girls ages 8 to 18.