MEF Receives Six Figure Grant from Invest for Kids

The Midtown Educational Foundation is thrilled to announce its selection as one of seven fortunate recipients of a substantial 2017 grant from Invest for Kids. Ticket revenue at the 9th Annual Invest for Kids Conference on November 2, 2017, will fund the grant, which Invest for Kids estimates will be $150,000-$200,000. The generous grant will have a considerable impact on Midtown Educational Foundation's capacity to serve Chicago youth through virtue-based after-school and summertime programming for years to come.

In addition to enhancing programs, the one-time grant will allow MEF to invest in capacity building as we aim to serve students more effectively and efficiently by improving our methods of analysis, metrics, and reporting. Improving in these areas will allow MEF Program Directors to make strategic program updates and will also clearly build the case for funding to new donors. 

Improving how MEF tracks and reports student successes is a long-term investment into the next 10-15 years, allowing MEF to better serve students as well as position the organization to serve more students through more funding opportunities: a true investment in the future of the organization and the kids MEF serves!

Invest for Kids has a unique funding model that will positively impact MEF beyond the grant this year, as the 9th Annual Conference will expose Midtown Educational Education to top industry professionals from the investment community. From the Invest for Kids website:

The Invest For Kids conference is the Chicago investment event of the year. The conference features presentations from an elite group of successful investment managers. These managers present their views and ideas in concise 15-minute presentations in an effort to help underprivileged kids in the Chicago area.

In addition to presentations on specific investment ideas, the conference features broader discussions by investment legends who speak about macro-economic, political, and investment themes. This forum is rarely available to the investment public and has received rave reviews from our audience.

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The Invest For Kids conference drew 1100 people in 2016. Over half the audience has attended multiple conferences and view IFK as one of Chicago’s premier investment events.

Since 2009, Invest For Kids has raised more than $10 million to benefit 47 charitable organizations reaching over 75,000 children. The Co-Founders of Invest For Kids generously underwrite all conference expenses so that 100% of the funds raised goes directly to support the selected beneficiaries.

MEF is honored and grateful to be included in the 9th Annual Invest for Kids Conference as a beneficiary and looks forward to the many opportunities the new partnership will provide.

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