Cookies and Compassion

Cookies and compassion; what a great mix! On February 15, two dozen 4th-6th grade Metro students combined sweet treats with good character in a service project at St. Luke’s Renaissance Senior Living Center.

The day started off in Metro’s kitchen, where the girls were divided up into five teams and distributed among four baking stations and one service station, which took care of the clean-up. At the four stations, the students decorated cookies, made hamburger cookies, surprise cookies and oatmeal bars. The cookies were delicious!

After finishing up the baking, lunch and a character education session, the girls and their chaperones took off and traveled over to St. Luke’s Renaissance. There they spent time playing Bingo with the elderly residents and served the cookies they made to them. The girls were able to enjoy a plate of cookies for themselves as well.

Oasis Tapia, a Metro 6th grader, commented, “My favorite parts were making the hamburger cookies, playing BINGO and all laughing together. I also learned that a lot of the elderly residents were happy when we gave them the cards that we made. This felt good because our goal was to make them happy!”

Chenoa Mirelez, a Metro 5th grader added, “I enjoyed the whole day! All of the girls had fun and it felt really good to bring the special cookies we made to the seniors.”

This service project was a success, and the residents and students all thoroughly enjoyed themselves!

by Katie Morgan, MEF Marketing