Midtown Welcomes New Center Director

Midtown Educational Foundation is pleased to announce that Peter Ladwein has assumed the role of Center Director at Midtown Center for Boys. He comes to us from South Bend, Indiana, where he was working as a law associate and as the Assistant Program Director at Windmoor Study Center. Peter received his undergraduate degree in Economics from Northwestern University and his law degree from the University of Notre Dame. After college, Peter worked at Midtown as an assistant head advisor, and also at Crotona, the program modeled after Midtown Center for boys in the Bronx, NY.

For more than a year, Peter has expressed an interest in transitioning from the field of law to education. We are happy to announce that he now has the chance to do so, as new Director of the Midtown Center. Peter began his duties at Midtown in late September, much to the relief of our beloved colleague Jerry Shepherd, who knew Peter well. Jerry passed away on October 2, in hospice, surrounded by family and friends after a long battle with cancer. We mourn his loss while giving thanks for a worthy and capable replacement to lead Midtown Center for boys.

Below, a few remarks from Peter as he assumes his new role:

I have had a lifelong interest in the situation of the underprivileged. I frequently consume media about and meditate about race, poverty, and society. I also have had a lifelong desire to be involved in education and to help people to lead good lives. These interests have been especially fueled over the last four years while practicing disability law, as I have learned the most intimate details about hundreds of individual lives. I have seen first-hand how lack of education and formation greatly magnifies the problems of many people. Jerry told me that 435 boys were in the summer program this year. My head spins with hope for the possibilities for dealing with the staff, volunteers, families and so on. I would like to see Midtown continue to grow, improve, and positively impact many more individuals and families for many years to come.
— Peter Ladwein

Please join us in welcoming Peter to MEF!