MAC Council Shares Professional Wisdom with Metro Alumnae

From January 4-6, the Metro Advancement Council (MAC) presented a series of professional development workshops for Metro alumnae. Volunteer council members offered advice on different skills that could be used towards achieving success and happiness in school, the workplace and everyday life. The series aimed to prepare girls for their future as women in the workforce. It also exposed them to different opportunities and connections that are available as they make their first career decisions.

Council members Mary Caldieraro, Mary Presberg, Tracey Jordan, Melissa Murrell and Valerie Newman, joined by her co-worker, Rosa Vazquez, took turns presenting. While their presentations varied in topics, they all were similar in that they covered important information that would be beneficial for the young women in attendance.

The three workshops broadly covered were the importance of communication, how to balance your professional and personal life, and principle-based leadership. Within these presentations, council members touched on topics such as verbal and nonverbal skills, how to show respect at all times, staying updated on current events, how to be a leader, emotional intelligence, what is work/life balance, how to be a successful college student, and how to smoothly transition from school to work.

Carolyn Madigan, who directs the One-on-One program at Metro, observed, “this series serves as an intro into the professional world and gives the girls the opportunity to learn that there is a great future ahead.”

by Katie Morgan, MEF marketing intern

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