Fox News Features MEF

This four-minute feature aired on Fox News Channel on Saturday, July 25, 2015. It is based on a day-long series of interviews which Kelly Wright conducted at Midtown Center for boys on Friday, July 17th.

Segment One

A second segment aired on Saturday, August 1st, which focused on Midtown Alumni and the beginnings of Midtown Center. The segment features interviews with MEF's founders and alumni who gathered at the Midtown Center Reunion on July 18th.

Segment Two

Kelly Wright observed, Midtown Alumni "are the good stories out of Chicago’s badlands that you don’t see on the news. They are the men who overcame the crime and violence by learning from the unsung heroes of their parents, teachers and mentors at Midtown Educational Foundation--where they learned that they are worthy of success, and that through faith in God, good character, and an education, they could do something good." Al Castaneda added, "I tell people: Midtown taught me how to study, but the biggest thing that they taught me about is integrity and how to live a life of integrity. That is the thing I am most grateful for."