Dream, and Dream Big

Aylwin Lewis, CEO of Potbelly Sandwich Works, Speaks at Breakfast for Champions

“My mom taught me there are no shortcuts in life; you need to earn every penny.”

Aylwin Lewis, the CEO of Potbelly Sandwich Works, inspired nearly 100 guests to dream big, work hard, and help others to do the same at Midtown Educational Foundation’s Breakfast for Champions hosted  by William Blair & Company on Thursday March 19, 2015.

Since Lewis became the CEO of Potbelly Sandwich Works in 2008, he has passed on his mom’s advice to every employee. He pointed out that due to the nature of the fast-food industry, Potbelly often hires employees at the beginning of their journey. “We hire nice people, treat them the right way, and  teach them the Potbelly way,” making sure that whether they are with the company for 1 day, or 40 years, that they leave having grown in integrity, teamwork and positive energy.

Carlos DeLeon shares his Midtown experience.

Carlos DeLeon shares his Midtown experience.

MEF’s programs do the same. Whether our students are here for one semester or nine years, the goal is to help them achieve personal and academic excellence with the guidance of the character education program. Glenn Wilke, executive director of Midtown Educational Foundation, applauded Lewis for his dedication to the growth of his employees.

Before finishing his remarks, Lewis turned to Carlos DeLeon, a current Midtown student, and told him to dream, and dream big. “I’m leading a life I had no right to expect.” And, now Lewis dedicates his life to helping others to dream big, and lead lives they never imagined possible.