15th Annual Mother-Daughter Day

Metro hosted its 15th Annual Mother-Daughter Day on February 14, 2015. This year’s theme was “The Hidden Power of Womanhood” featuring Cecile Raffin.

In honor of Valentine’s Day, the Guerra’s, a long-time Metro family, decorated Metro with hand-made red and pink flowers, red tablecloths and big centerpieces. Over 130 mothers and daughters attended the day filled with fun activities, insightful talks and a delicious lunch.

Rebeca Valencia, a Metro Alumna, spoke to the 4th through 6th grade girls about how to be better daughters. “Our moms care for us and love us unconditionally and as daughters, as good daughters, it is our responsibility to give back to them every day and any moment we can,” she advised the girls. She prompted them to think of ways to show their love, like helping with the dishes without being asked or making their bed.

Meanwhile, the middle school girls heard from Alli Dolan, a Metro character education teacher. She spoke about being proud of their own womanhood. “Women are different than men. They are not better or worse, just different.”  She expressed the importance of first recognizing the womanhood of others, especially our mothers, and then appreciating it through our words and actions.

Katie Hinderer opened her purse before beginning her talk to the high school students. She pulled out five items that every woman carries in her purse, and used each of them to symbolize qualities of women. Women are beautiful, sensitive, generous, and compassionate, which gives them the capacity to put themselves in another’s shoes. She helped the girls realize how to apply this advice to the relationship they have with their mothers.

The mothers heard from Cecile Raffin, a mother of thirteen. She encouraged the mothers to recognize the strengths women have such as the ability to build unity, their natural relational skills, and their ability to nurture and express affection, all of which help women not just at home but in the workplace.

After the talks, the daughters presented the mothers with roses and a card expressing their gratitude and love. The day finished with lunch and the first ever Metro Photo Booth. Every Mother-Daughter pair took pictures using props like hats, scarves, big glasses and more!

“Mother-Daughter Day is a beautiful way to give the moms an opportunity to show their daughters how much they love them outside of the ordinary day-to-day,” said Carolyn Madigan the One-on-One program director.  “We had a space and setting where the daughters were able to show their gratitude with flowers, cards, attention, and with little signs of affection.”