Metro 7- 8th grade girls

Metro Achievement Program (MAP)

The MAP Program supports middle school students in their goal of enrolling in college preparatory high schools. The holistic program enables middle school students to be studious, confident, and responsible as they enter high school. 


The summer program is six weeks of hands-on classes (math, science, social studies, fitness and English), character development, and fun elective clubs including innovation, music, cooking, leadership, art and drama!

Field trips are once a week. Students are also paired with a college student for individual mentoring. 

School Year

During the school year girls attend Metro once a week. They receive supplementary instruction in math and English, participate in enrichment clubs (cooking, health and wellness, leadership, and more), attend a character education class,  and receive individual mentoring. Test preparation and high school seminars are also included in the curriculum. 

7th Graders attend every Tuesday. 8th graders attend every Thursday. 



Tracy Schumitsch | Metro Achievement Program (MAP) 
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