Midtown Educational Foundation

Midtown Educational Foundation guides low-income urban youth in Chicago along pathways of success. Our proven enrichment programs embrace the dignity of the person by focusing on academic excellence, virtue development, individual attention, and parental engagement. 

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Donors feel good about supporting Metro girls and Midtown boys.

  • 93% of 8th grade students gain admission to college prep high schools

  • 100% graduate from high school and enroll in college

  • 9 out of 10 earn a college degree

  • Character counts

  • Service to others is a core value

Support a Chicago student today:

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MEF's approach can be remembered with the help of an acronym that also describes every child it serves: 
"A V.I.P."

The "A" stands for ACADEMICS. MEF enables children to compete in college-prep high schools and then enter good colleges.
The "V" stands for basic VIRTUES. Civic virtue and moral character are taught and modeled throughout the programs. 
The "I" stands for INDIVIDUAL ATTENTION. We believe the best motivation is personal friendship and attribute a large part of the success of our programs to the individual mentoring each student receives.
The "P" stands for PARENTS. MEF operates on the principle that parents are the primary educators of their children. We provide valuable support through educational seminars on parenting, one-on-one consultations, and more. 



Your help can provide a student with the individual attention they need to find both personal and academic success.

  • Tutor the same student each week for at least one full academic semester. You help the student develop study skills, prepare for upcoming tests, and finish homework.

  • Set goals with your student to help them grow personally and academically.

  • Work with closely with their parents to help them succeed.

  • Programs run late September through the first week of May.