10 reasons to Get Involved at Midtown & Metro

1. A Strong Track Record of Academic Success. 

Science curriculum from the Smithsonian. Shakespeare in the Summer. Math Boot Camp. Apprenticeships taught by field experts in Business, Entrepreneurship, Hospitality, Engineering, Public Relations, Architecture, and Law. MEF's Senior Class of 2017 became the eighteenth consecutive Senior Class to achieve 100 percent high school graduation and college enrollment. A majority of these students were the first in their families to do so. Of more than 900 MEF alumni surveyed, 91% are still in college or are college graduates. 

2. Developing Future Generations with Character, Ethics, and Virtues.

We teach virtues like honesty, respect, perseverance, positive attitude, simplicity, confidence, generosity, sincerity, loyalty, faith, forgiveness, gratitude, respect for women, prudence, order, friendship, spirit of service, good sportsmanship and more.

3. Challenging academically middle-range students to unlock their potential.

While many programs exist either for the remedial needs or for the gifted, MEF reaches out to academically average performing students especially those with limited family resources. Midtown and Metro support schools in their effort to help our Chicago students stay in school and graduate on a path towards college and beyond.

4. Supporting Parents as Primary Educators of their Children. 

Few youth programs engage parents as thoroughly as MEF. Weekly offerings support parents in their role as the primary educators of their children. The program teaches parents to reinforce virtues of personal and academic excellence in their children at home through parenting classes, discussions, and speakers.

5. Where else can you find a single-sex after-school program?

At Midtown and Metro you can ‘just be yourself.'  When students are surrounded by peers and role models of the same sex they can grow in confidence and sense of self-worth while learning what it means to become a great man or woman of intellect and character. 

6. The Same Adult Mentors, Week after Week.

Where else can you have both an academic tutor/teacher and your own personal character adviser? Research shows that student transformation and future success depend on the presence of consistent adult mentors over time. 

7. A Unique Environment. 

Meet diverse students of all backgrounds from over 100 different schools across Chicago. Explore the city in a setting outside your neighborhood and school, embarking on cultural excursions, field trips, service projects, college tours, and career visits.

8. Safe.

In today's world where youth violence abounds, one of the most frequent comments from Midtown and Metro students, "I feel so safe here." 

9. Nurturing the Mind, Body, and Soul.

Midtown and Metro develop the whole person: Mind (academics), body (sports, arts, fitness), and soul (character development and optional access to spiritual growth through prayer, no matter what faith you come from).

10. A high quality program at great value. 

Midtown and Metro's high quality year-round programs are worth $3,000 per student to attend. However, the generous donations of our sponsors allow MEF to provide programs to all families at an 87% discount, plus financial aid to those who qualify.