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Jared & Melissa's Wedding Donation Registry

Thank you, Jared & Melissa!

MEF is incredibly grateful for the generosity of Jared & Melissa in sharing their wedding gifts as donations to our programs for Chicago’s low-income youth and families.

Below you will find a few items that your donation will help to purchase.

For more information or questions about how to get more involved please contact Cailie Furlong at or 312-738-8300 ext. 23

Other ways to give:

· One-on-One tutors with 4th-6th-grade students - These tutors serve as mentors, pairing with a student throughout the year and helping with homework while teaching skills that equip students with study skills and habits that they can use the rest of their lives. Tutors meet with their students once per week during the school year (usually a 2-hour commitment per week). Tutors also work with students (and often their families) to set and monitor weekly goals. These tutor pairs often form a bond that extends beyond the walls of Midtown or Metro and tutors often request to remain with the same student year to year, forming an even stronger bond and making a bigger impact in ensuring success for their student.

· MEF Auxiliary Board of Directors - Young professionals interested in gaining civic leadership experience while advancing the recognition and success of MEF. Auxiliary Board Members aid in planning events, volunteer recruitment and retention and fundraising. The Auxiliary Board meets monthly for 2 hours and assists with monthly events.

· Center Advancement Councils - Both Midtown Center for Boys and Metro Achievement Center for Girls have their own Advancement Council. These groups are professional men and women committed to advancing the recognition of MEF's respective centers.

· Special Interest Seminars - These one-time events are a great opportunity for professionals to directly interact with MEF students, offering career, special interest or financial advice. These seminars are generally 1-2 hours and take place in evenings during the school year and during the day for the summer program.

· Career Speakers - These one-time engagements last 1-2 hours in the evenings during the school year, and during the daytime in the summer. The speakers inform MEF students of college and career paths, real-world knowledge of career work environments, and can also engage students in interactive workshops to further expose them to their respective field.

· Tour/Career Visit Days - These trips allow MEF high school students to visit career workplaces, to see the work environment firsthand. These summer trips range from one to four hours and expose students to the rigors and expectations of the workplace.

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