Give the Gift of Character this Christmas

Since 1965, years, Midtown & Metro tutors, advisors, instructors, coaches and staff have touched the lives of more than 23,000 Chicago kids and families. Many have done well in school and gone on to lead fruitful careers. They could not have done it without generous donors, helping them along the pathways toward success.

You may not realize it, but when you support Midtown Educational Foundation (MEF), you give Chicago boys and girls a greater gift, one that will last a lifetime – the gift of character. Teaching virtues like honesty, trustworthiness, integrity, compassion and respect has always been at the heart of what we do, in class, on the athletic field, or one-on-one.

MEF serves over 1,100 students each year and every single one of them benefit from weekly, half hour Character Education lessons that teach them the virtues and skills they need to live happy, successful lives, centered on serving others and becoming the best versions of themselves. What's more, each student then works with an individual mentor to set personal goals and delve deeper into the topics covered in class.

Today, more than anything else, the city, the country, indeed the world need people of exceptional character in every facet of daily life. Will you support Chicago's low-income youth and their parents this Christmas with a donation that will continue the virtue-based academic enrichment programs at Midtown & Metro that these families count on? 

Thanks to your generosity, Midtown boys and Metro girls like MEF alumni Ralph and Olivia below will flourish and become model citizens and role models for the next generation of Chicago’s urban youth. 

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Midtown Alum, Ralph, with his Wife and one of two Daughters

The volunteer tutors and staff at Midtown Center gave me an unbelievable gift during my grammar school and high school days. That’s the spirit of getting things done and doing things right. It’s been ingrained in me ever since.
— Lt. Ralph Alvarez, Chicago Fire Department
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The Benefits of Character Education at MEF

  • At-risk children are hopeful and excited about the future, and confident and capable of realizing their full potential in school and later in life.

  • Parents of limited means, empowered with the knowledge and fortitude necessary to raise children in a challenging environment, take a lead role in their children’s development.

  • Young people from underserved communities finish their schooling and become competent professionals, responsible parents and compassionate citizens.

METRO ALUMNA, OLIVIA, WITH HER Brother, Midtown JunioR, Carlos.

I’m dedicated to serving others, within and around my community, and hope to make a difference in at least one child’s life – much like Metro has done in mine. The character education classes were invaluable in helping me stay true to my values in everyday life.
— Olivia DeLeon-Rodriguez, Human Developmental and Psychological Services Major, Northwestern University