Your gift to MEF's annual appeals provides an essential foundation of support for the low-income kids that Midtown & Metro serve.

Your generosity at Christmastime, during the summer and as the kids go back to school makes possible:

Enriching choir, art & character education classes throughout the year.

Confidence means that a sparkle in you that gives you the power to be positive. When you are confident you are strong and always thinking on the sunny side.

- ONE Program Student

Field trips to Chicago's rich & vibrant cultural and recreational destinations.

The field trips were very new experiences for me because I had never heard of the places that I went until we went to visit them.

- MAP Program Student

Space at MEF's clean, central, safe locations for volunteer mentors & kids to work One-on-One on their homework and goal setting.

“What I think makes Metro a special place is that everyone is nice and respectful to one other Metro is clean/organized and safe place for only girls. Metro helps girls refresh their mind for their next school year and it also helps you become a better person."

- ONE Program Student

Thank you for your gift today!