Midtown 9-12th grade boys

College Orientation program (COP)

The College Orientation Program is designed to guide and motivate high school students in their work to achieve success in college and beyond. The program helps students navigate the college matching and acceptance process through a combination of skill-building, academic enrichment, career and professional exploration, college-readiness activities, individual advising, individual tutoring, summer apprenticeships, and summer internships.

High School Summer Details

Midtown High School Summer Freshman Program (for entering 9th graders)

The Freshmen Program prepares students for the academic demands and personal responsibilities they will encounter when they begin high school in the fall. Classes offered in the program are not remedial; rather, they contain challenging material that is present in high school curricula. Morning classes are followed by student participation in an afternoon sports league.

Courses and activities this summer include:

  • Study Skills & Intensive Writing: The general and specific skills to be effective note takers, students, and test takers, with a concentration on grammar, expository writing and persuasive writing.
  • Algebra and Advanced Algebra: The key mathematical skill sets to have a successful year of Freshman math.
  • Character Development: Overview of the virtues necessary for effective leadership in and outside of the classroom.
  • Sports League & Field Trips: Students are assigned a team and participate in instructional sessions and a scheduled sports league.
  • Weekly field trips.

QUESTIONS about the 9th grade program? CONTACT THE PROGRAM MANAGER:

Brian Parker | Midtown Achievement Program (MAP) 
p: (773) 292-2665 | e: 


Mike Walsh | College Orientation Program (COP)
p: (773) 270-5208 | e: Email Mike

Apprenticeships (for entering 10th-12th graders)

Apprenticeships are hands-on programs in which students learn marketable skills from professionals in specialized fields. Apprentices demonstrate their acquired skills by producing final projects. They also develop the critical thinking and decision-making skills they will need to excel in the workplace. Apprenticeships are open to incoming high school sophomores, juniors, and seniors and are offered in Public Relations/Communication, Architecture, Business, Law, and Engineering. 

Architecture Apprenticeship

Sponsored by the Harry F. and Elaine Chaddick Foundation

In the Architecture Apprenticeship, students learn the fundamental uses of the tools and processes of architectural drafting and model building. Students learn to visualize three-dimensionally, to design a home for specific occupants, construct a model of it, and do general drawings for it. Besides the general soft skills which all the apprenticeships foster, the course stresses maintaining a collegiate atmosphere, where student projects are work-shopped and discussed with fellow colleagues and instructors in order to create the best product possible. 

Students also learn about issues that arise when designing a building such as the community needs, natural light source, functionality and sustainable design. Weekly field trips to buildings, architects' offices, and museums enhance and encourage the students' development. Architects from outside the program further validate the real world experience by critiquing each student's work in a general session at the halfway mark and at the conclusion of the program

Cost is free and students each receive a $400 stipend as long as they maintain standards of good work and behavior. The course runs for seven weeks, June through August, from 9:30 AM -3:30 PM on weekdays and is limited to, at most, 18 students.

Business Apprenticeship

The overall goal of the program is for students to learn and practice the fundamental principles of business ownership (entrepreneurship). With detailed instruction from a lead and assistant instructor, as well as real life, hands-on, student directed application of instruction, students will be given all the necessary tools to be able to develop, start and manage their our business ideas and ventures on their own.

The students, divided into three groups, will start and run actual businesses, selling concessions to other Midtown participants. They will learn fundamental concepts of entrepreneurship, such as preparing and presenting a business plan, marketing, tracking costs and profits, innovation and product development, competitive advantage, and other concerns critical to managing a successful business. Relevant field trips and career speakers will round out the apprenticeship.

Cost is free and students each receive a $200 stipend (plus their share of the business's profits) as long as they maintain standards of good work and behavior. The course runs for seven weeks, June through August, from 9:30 AM - 3:30 PM on weekdays.

Public Relations/Communication Apprenticeship

Sponsored by the PRSA Foundation

Working with the College of Communication at DePaul University, the Public Relations apprenticeship helps expose students to public relations and its role in society.  Students will learn about careers in communications and public relations, while also improving their technical skills in writing, proofreading, editing and note taking.

Students will learn important “soft skills” in listening, interviewing, and building strong inter-personal relationships.  The program also focuses on imparting important leadership skills through understanding the roles and activities of public relations professionals, journalists and corporate communicators.

Apprentices in the Public Relations Apprenticeship have the unique opportunity of developing a weekly publication for the Midtown Center for boys, The Midtown Voice. The internal newspaper serves as an informational and entertaining guide for all summer students and features world news, sports and entertainment, editorials, and events around the Center.  Following daily lectures or visits from guest speakers, the classroom operates a newsroom where apprentices assume the roles of a newspaper team.  Students will carry out various roles, such as reporter, photographer, cartoonist, editor, and more. Field trips and career speakers will round out their experience.

Throughout the summer, students will also contribute to Midtown’s online presence, by submitting blog posts, uploading pictures, and making an online version of The Midtown Voice accessible to the public.

Cost is free and students each receive a $400 stipend as long as they maintain standards of good work and behavior. The course runs for seven weeks, June through August, from 9:30 AM -3:30 PM on weekdays and is limited to, at most, 18 students.

The Public Relations Apprenticeship is supported by a grant from the PRSA Foundation in cooperation with DePaul University's College of Communication.

Engineering Apprenticeship

The Tellabs Engineering Apprenticeship will first provide the 15-18 high school students with a general introduction to engineering principles, processes, and practices. The course will then proceed through a series of one- to two-week units in which the group will focus on gaining the knowledge and skills necessary to complete basic hands-on projects drawn from various areas of engineering. For example, having learned the relevant principles and processes, students working in small teams might be challenged to design and build small bridges, catapults, model planes and rockets, to solve an electrical problem, or to develop a software code over successive weeks. 

Classroom instruction and project work will be supplemented by guest speakers, films, and field trips relevant to the current unit.

Cost is free and students each receive a $400 stipend as long as they maintain standards of good work and behavior. The course runs for seven weeks, June through August, from 9:30 AM -3:30 PM on weekdays and is limited to, at most, 18 students.

Law Apprenticeship

Sponsored by Charles & Ellen Mulaney and John & Catherine Conroy

The Legal Apprenticeship provides students with an introduction to the theory and practice of the Law.  This apprenticeship aims to inform students as to the larger scope of the law and its role in society. 

The course begins with understanding the basics of the legal system and Constitution, and moves through a variety of legal areas, such as criminal law, contract law, intellectual property law, agency law, corporate law, and more.

Students will work through a variety of projects and debates, and will be tasked to understand and argue positions based on sound legal grounds, rather than personal opinion.  Case studies of historical and contemporary legal cases will be a key part of the course.

Ultimately, the students will gain enough legal acumen to take part in two mock trials, which will task them with understanding the various roles, actions, and proceedings of the trial system.  Students will act as litigators, plaintiffs and defendants, witnesses, and more as they carry out a full trial.

Access to professional knowledge through a multitude of guest speakers and field trips to top law firms and courts will round out the experience. 

Cost is free and students each receive a $400 stipend as long as they maintain standards of good work and behavior. The course runs for seven weeks, June through August, from 9:30 AM -3:30 PM on weekdays and is limited to, at most, 18 students.

Summer Internships (for entering 9th-12th graders)

Internships are highly competitive paid positions for motivated students who have typically exhibited dedication to Midtown as students in previous years. Interns develop leadership skills and also expand their spirit of service and community responsibility. Eligible candidates must at least be an incoming high school senior. Please contact the College Orientation Program manager for specific internship opportunities and job descriptions.

School Year

Students attend program twice a week for supplementary classes that correlate with their academic year, small group tutoring, character development, and sports. College visits and service projects are also worked into the curriculum. 

Freshman:  Elective (Art, Design, Business), Study Skills, Algebra, Writing, Tutoring

Sophomores:  Elective (Art, Design, Business), Geometry, Tutoring, Writing

Juniors:  Elective (Art, Design, Business), College Readiness, ACT Prep

Seniors:  College Readiness, Senior Seminar, Career Exploration, Career Skills

Coming to Midtown is the best thing that ever happened to me.
— COP Student