The Next 50 Years

As Midtown Educational Foundation embarks on the next half-century of service to Chicago's urban youth and families, the Trustees, Board of Directors and staff believed the time was right to develop and share a forward-looking vision with the community at large.  MEF’s vision is rooted in practical, real-life wants and needs. It reflects high ideals and ambitions and expresses hope – the hope for a highly desirable future state that will bring out the best in all of us in school, at home, and in the community.

Our Vision

Chicago’s urban youth will be inspired and guided to positively transform their lives, families, and communities.

The Midtown Educational Foundation of the future will continue to advance new ideas and services that profoundly improve life in the inner city.               

We envision a city where at-risk children are hopeful and excited about their futures, and confident and capable of realizing their full potential in school and later in life. They build healthy and respectful interpersonal relationships with family and friends.

At Midtown you have friends that you have much in common with. We share the same goals. This isn’t true at school where a lot of people don’t care about their future plans.
— MEF student

We imagine a home life where parents in low-income communities, empowered with the knowledge and fortitude necessary to raise children in a challenging environment, take a lead role in their children’s education and holistic development. Their love, guidance, encouragement, and example help boys and girls mature into men and women of outstanding character.

We foresee neighborhoods and workplaces where young people from underserved communities become responsible parents, competent professionals, and leading citizens. They grow into life-long learners, exercise sound judgment in their daily affairs, and value service to others.  Others look up to them and seek out their advice.

As Midtown Educational Foundation expands its reach and influence in the years ahead, its alumni population will grow, prosper and serve as a continuing source of inspiration and guidance for countless persons and the community at large.

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