MEF Alumni

MEF alumni have pursued amazing opportunities since their time at Midtown and Metro. Whether succeeding in business, technology, or education, one thing remains consistent: Midtown and Metro students leave with a strong sense of self-worth, character, and social responsibility.


Evelyn works both as the front desk assistant and the MAP Program Assistant.

Evelyn works both as the front desk assistant and the MAP Program Assistant.


Metro has taught and helped me become a good person. They taught me about virtues and have given me examples on how to act on them in my life. The staff has helped me become a better person, a better woman, a better daughter, and a better friend. I am grateful to Metro because they have helped me so much in my life and school since fourth grade. I am glad to have attended Metro for so long and I would recommend this program for all girls because Metro prepares us young women for the future.

The Midtown Center has helped me since seventh grade. I had received an ‘F’ in science because of my procrastination, but with the help of the teachers and tutors at Midtown, I was able to improve my study habits and I earned an ‘A’ by the end of the year. Now I’ve been accepted into the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). The Midtown Center has convinced me that even though one day I might become a great engineer, I have to keep helping kids with humble backgrounds to get a good education. I want to be that type of person when I grow up.
— Oscar, Midtown Class of 2006

Alumni Speeches at the 2014 Reach for Excellence Awards Dinner

If it wasn’t for Midtown I would have ended up like my family and friends, either in a gang or raising a family while earning minimum wage. I’m proud to say that I am now a freshman at Marquette University studying to be a civil engineer.
— Midtown Alumnus, Class of 2010