Metro Parents

Supporting the parents of Metro students through seminars, classes and community!

Every Night that your student is at Metro, parents are welcome to join Petra Jaime, the program director, in the Parent Center for parenting discussions, speakers, and other helpful parenting resources. 

Parent Nights
Parents are integral to the development of their daughters, and at Metro we work as a team to encourage students' overall growth. Once a semester, Parents are asked to attend an evening at Metro focused on this growth.

The Parent Night will include:

  • A Parenting Talk on hot topics such as : communication with our children, technology and media exposure, discipline vs. reward, and much more. 
  • Volunteer Parent Meetings:  a chance to check in with your daughter's tutor/mentor.  
I would like to express my sincere gratitude to you for allowing my daughter to participate in your outstanding program. Every day she was very excited about her new friends, activities, and teachers. I admire the organization and careful planning that allowed her to grow.
— Excerpt of letter from MEF parent

Conversation and Coffee
Parents are invited to stay at Metro the evening their daughter attends program and join other parents in discussing Character Development while enjoying the community of other Metro parents.  

Annual Parent Conference
Each spring, parents of Midtown and Metro are encouraged to attend this informational and engaging conference centered around the role of the Parent. In addition to mini sessions on various parenting topics, the day includes a main speaker who specializes in Parent Education. 

Parent-Student Celebrations
At Metro, parents are not only important but are celebrated for their hard work. Each year, Metro celebrates with a Father-Daughter day in the fall and a Mother-Daughter Day in the spring. Students come with their Mother or Father to learn how to grow, reflect on their importance and celebrate. 

Family Days
Community is a big part of the program, and there are many opportunities to get to know fellow Metro families throughout the year. Families are invited to join us at the Parent Brunch in the fall or the Family Picnic during the summertime. 

Questions? Contact the Parent Program Director:

Petra Jaime
p: (312) 226-4886 ext. 227 | e: Petra Jaime