Chief Technology Officer for Boeing Visits Midtown

Posted: 3/25/2012

CHICAGO - March 2012  -  Midtown Center was privileged to host Dr. John Tracy, Chief Technology Officer for the Boeing Company, who toured the facilities and addressed close to forty high school students.  Dr. Tracy, who, among many honors, is an Hispanic Engineer of the Year and a former teacher. He emphasized five wonderful points:

1. Discover what you love to do and pursue it as your profession. At only five years old, Dr. Tracy became enamored with the 1950's X-15 model rocket plane and desired to be a part of building planes. He donated one to MEF, as encouragement to the boys to chase their dreams and make them a reality.

2. Develop integrity. Always do the right thing and always speak the truth.

3. Be trustworthy. Deliver on all your promises.

4. Work hard - on even the things you don't like so much, so long as they help lead you to your ultimate goal.

5. Studying and getting good grades is important. After initially struggling throughout grade school and early high school, with the support of his parents, teachers, and after school mentorship, Dr. Tracy learned how to study and get A's.

One student remarked, “I am very happy that you took time out from your busy schedule to visit Midtown.  Your presentation was both a rewarding and wonderful experience.  Thank you.”


Thank you, Dr. Tracy and The Boeing Company
for being an inspiration to our Chicago urban youth!


About Dr. John J. Tracy

Dr. John J. Tracy is Chief Technology Officer for The Boeing Company and senior vice president of Engineering, Operations & Technology, responsible for defining and implementing corporate strategies for attaining and maintaining technical and functional excellence across the enterprise. He reports to Boeing Chairman, President and CEO Jim McNerney.

In addition to serving on the company's Executive Council, he oversees the development and implementation of the enterprise technology investment strategy and provides strategic direction to several functions and business organizations comprising more than 100,000 employees. These include the Engineering, Operations, and Supplier Management functions, and also the Information Technology, Enterprise Technology Strategy, Research & Technology, Test & Evaluation, Intellectual Property Management, and Environment, Health and Safety organizations.

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